The BOOKPOD and STUDYPOD book holders are physically the same products but sold under different names and colors. We developed the STUDYPOD book holder first with the idea of educating students on the use of a book holder as a study aid. After a few months of selling the STUDYPOD book holder we found that people wanted to use the book holder for uses other than studying. The name STUDYPOD doesn’t suggest that you could use it for leisure reading, office use, cooking, crafts/hobbies, sheet music holder, exercise, religious study, and more. So we came up with the name BOOKPOD to market our book holder to the general purpose reading, office worker, cooking and other markets.

You can purchase both products on the STUDYPOD web site and we also have a BOOKPOD website where you can purchase both products too. The STUDYPOD book holder is available in Black, Blue, and Pink and the BOOKPOD book holder is available in Black, Gray, and Beige. We sell one unit for $19.95 and if you buy two or more you can purchase them at a discounted price of $16.95 each. You can mix and match STUDYPOD book holder and BOOKPOD book holder to take advantage of the $16.95 price.If you have any questions please feel free to Contact US.