About Us

I never liked homework. My desk was always a bit messy and a little too disorganized. I remember studying at the kitchen table using the salt and pepper shakers to prop my books open, and getting spaghetti sauce on them. The eyestrain from going back and forth from my books to my notes gave me more than a few headaches.

I invented the STUDYPOD book holder as a small form of homework relief. It holds books of any size upright and wide open, as well as a couple of pens and highlighters I use. Although college is a few years behind me, I still read the latest business books with it every morning (instead of the cereal box). No it's not a breakthrough in technology, but it is pretty handy and I'm sure you'll like it too.

Whether you're going to school to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher or college dropout-turned-billionaire, I hope the STUDYPOD book holder will help with your studies. The STUDYPOD book holder will organize you a bit better, keep your Mac and Cheese off your books, and probably help you finish your homework faster so you can go about doing what you'd rather be doing, instead of your homework.

Good luck on your future! Study for it today.

Phil Rucinski