"I'm a graphic/web design student and the small wire book holder I have isn't adequate to hold those giant softcover manuals. One of my books is almost 1,000 pages! I also need to be able to turn the pages easily with one hand since I have a cat that insists on sitting with one paw on my left wrist as I type.

Right now I have the 1,000 page book propped up on it and the size of the book really isn't a problem. This is really good! I spend MANY hours in front of my computer working from gigantic, heavy design books, and that wire book holder was making me crazy. 

This is a great product and is going to make my life a lot easier. Thanks!" Eve C.(Part 1) 


"Okay. I gotta say it. I'm in love with my BOOKPOD. I worked all weekend and into last night on a school project using my 1,000 page manual. I looked up stuff in the index and then used the wire thingamabobs to hold the pages--did this repeatedly. This is one slick device. You must put them in as many college bookstores as you can! Then you can retire to that Swiss chalet and eat chocolate in your declining years.
Seriously: every student and every person who uses books as a reference (especially while on the computer) needs one of these puppies." Eve C. (Part 2)



“I used it for the first time on Monday and I can not believe how well it worked for me. What usually took me 1 hour to read only took me 40 minutes!”  Craig M


“I LOVE this thing!I study whenever I can find a free moment; some times in odd spots and places. I decided to take the STUDYPOD with me everywhere and put it to the test.  I used the STUDYPOD while sitting in a truck, on a picnic table, in class, in bed, and outdoors. I love the portability of the STUDYPOD and how much space it saves on my desktop. Thank you again, I think you have a winner here!” Deb R

‘We received the two STUDYPODs quickly and in great condition. I bought one for each of my two teenagers who have heavy textbooks to study from at home and school. They both have used them at home and have liked them a lot. They work just like advertised, on a desk or even on a bed. They open and close quickly, and are smaller in size then I thought when I ordered them. Thank you!” Karen G



“The STUDYPOD has given me something to look forward to when reading. Reading textbooks is something I often dread having to do. I have not skipped a reading assignment in the two weeks I have had it. For me, this is for several reasons: it reduces the time I spend reading (which in turn leads to more time to do other things), it has made me a better student in that I am much more likely to be an active reader with the help of it. I usually am not one to take notes on what I am reading or even highlight the text for that matter. Now though I have been able to take notes while reading. Not only do I have more desk space but I am focusing better on what I am reading instead of trying to keep the book on the right page.


In my four years at JMU and one year in grad. school I have never came across a hard back text book. The STUDYPOD eliminates the problems that come with a soft cover book, it holds the page and keeps it open freeing your hands to write notes or even type. Also, I have been able to read while I am eating my meals. Usually this is time wasted as far as getting anything else done. With the STUDYPOD I have been able to open up the book and get some textbook reading in while I eat. It's another place where I typically wouldn't have thought about grabbing my textbook to read but since it doesn't require any hands I can get some work done.

Basically, it has and is helping me through enhancing the chances I will read, take notes on what I read, making me more of an active reader and reducing the time I spend on reading. The time I spend reading has been reduced and this allows me to have free time, one thing any college or grad student cannot get enough of especially if they are working or involved heavily in athletics or extracurriculars. Thanks again!” Scotty M


 “I am purchasing this item as a gift for my friend who is doing multiple things in the office at once.  He's a professor/Dean at a Design School. He has multiple books open at one time as references while listening to a tutorial on line and I think this is bad for his neck. The books are all over the place- on the desk, with a laptop and desktop, on the coffee table, etc. I think the STUDYPOD will organize his space, plus I like unique gifts and I think this will be a surprise. Thank you!” Sherry M



"My name is Sarah and you sold me a STUDYPOD at the HEAV convention in June. You were willing to give me a good deal on one of the STUDYPODs because I was a college student but you asked for me to e-mail you and let you know how I liked it! Well, it has been almost two months and I have had the chance to use it in several different ways. I have been pleased with the pod overall, I have used it mostly for my music (I play the violin, it is the lightest and most compact music stand I have ever had!); however, I have also used it for reading. I am excited about using it for school in the coming months. I believe the STUDYPOD will help me to be more comfortable while studying!"  Sarah W


"The reason I purchased 5 STUDYPODs is because my whole family loves to read books. I like to read books while doing the dishes, just couldn't keep the page quite where I wanted it so this will definitely help! We homeschool our 4 children so they will be using their STUDYPODs for their studies.

 When I first saw the book holder, I thought "what a great idea! Finally something that will work and hold the book open while my hands were busy doing something else. I even like to read while I'm cooking. We will definitely get plenty of use out of these." Chandra C

"I purchased one unit for myself and the other for my niece. I purchased it for her because I thought she would find it a useful study aid. She’s going into her Junior year in high school (11th grade.) The unit I bought for myself was to use as a student. I go to CUNY School of Law. I have used the STUDYPOD continuously in my first year of law school. I used it every day to hold open large, heavy law text books.

My favorite benefit is the ability to prop open and hold at a readable angle a very heavy book, so I can take notes on my laptop without straining to read the text book."
Chester G