Is the STUDYPOD Book Holder & Book Stand for Me?

A teacher developed the STUDYPOD book holder & book stand for students. He wanted to find a way to help students stay organized and make studying more comfortable and effective. With the help of students, he designed the STUDYPOD book holder & book stand and it’s perfect for all students from 3rd grade through college. Excellent for teachers too!

Elementary School Students – Starting in the 3rd grade, students start to use heavier texts and have minimal space. Set your students up for success by encouraging them to use a STUDYPOD book holder & book stand. It is best for kids to develop good study skills at a young age so it becomes a habit for their entire school career. Students love the design and feel of it and parents and teachers see the benefits of improved posture and study and organizational skills. The STUDYPOD makes reading more enjoyable and is great for tutoring sessions.

Middle School – Middle school students are busier than ever and the STUDYPOD book holder & book stand helps them stay organized, focus on reading and keeps their hands free for writing, typing and taking notes. It can also be used to hold music, art projects and presentation materials. Students will like it because it’ll help them get their work done faster and parents and teachers will see the benefits of good sutdy skills, better grades, good posture and increased attention span while studying.


High School - Books, schedules and work loads get heavier in high school and the STUDYPOD book holder & book stand helps students by holding any size book up and wide open so they can focus, take notes and organize their space. Studying increases and the demands on students’ schedules also increases but the STUDYPOD book holder & book stand can reduce the amount of time studying so they can spend time on extracurricular activities and with friends. Students begin to complain about neck and eyestrain during high school and the STUDYPOD book holder & book stand can reduce the strain induced from hours of studying.

College – College students have more than ever to do with less time. The STUDYPOD book holder & book stand is portable and can go anywhere with a college student- the library, dorms, outdoors, or a coffee shop. It holds virtually any size book- even the largest science, math, and histroy texts- up and wide open. The STUDYPOD book holder & book stand holds the book at a familiar angle (similar to that of a computer screen) and helps students focus and finish work faster. Sharing books with groups is easier and it helps organize the limited amount of space many college students have in their dorms or apartments.

Teachers – It’s a great study aid for students, but teachers can benefit from using the STUDYPOD book holder & book stand too! It helps with tutoring, sharing books and can hold lecture materials. It’s easy to store with books, portable and keeps hands free for notes, grading, and more.